Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So yesterday due to the snow storm, my evening class was canceled. I decided to be productive, I did housework and studied for my MTEL. When my husband called to say he had to catch a later train, I even broke out my camera. The good people of my town probably thought I was crazy, I got some really neat pictures. I love watching the snow fall and gather on tree branches, so I have an excess of snowy tree pictures, but I also tried to expand my horizons and shoot some creative, new pictures. The pictures follow, I hope people enjoy them.

Okay enough branches, here is some other pictures I took around the town.

As you can see I am trying to learn more about negative space. It is a technique I need to improve on, but I really like how these pictures turned out.

And finally a picture I like to call "Soviet Russia Self-Portrait"

Enjoy! This Friday hubby and I are going to New York to visit with my parents. I am hoping to get some good city photos to share with you all. Have a lovely day!


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