Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two for One...

I apologize for my failing at blogging. This week was kind of hectic, with working, a phone interview, my class starting, and struggling to keep organized, I have hardly time to write/blog/relax. So basically things are beginning to get better. I have a phone interview for a tutoring job tomorrow. The job is 45 minutes away but at this point I will take anything I can get. I am excited about the possibility. I have also started looking for summer positions at camps or schools. Tuesday my class started, seems like it will be a good one. It is all about technology in the classroom, how to take the advantage and use it to help teach. Also the class is about becoming more tech savvy, which I want to do, and how to apply that savvy to your lessons. But the most fun part of Tuesday was meeting some new pals.

So I was sitting there eating my lunch, watching the snow fall. I had gotten to the college early due the weather and was basically bored. My daydreaming was interrupted by a soft "Hello?". I looked up to see a college girl with thick glasses and a Terry Goodkind book under her arm. She explained how her friend had saw me sitting alone and wanted to know if I wanted to join them. I accepted and was soon quietly sitting amongst a large group of my own people: nerds. I knew they were nerds because A) they were playing WoW on their laptops and talking about D&D B) one guy had the same dice shirt that one of my hubby's friends owns. C) When I mentioned hubby was going to eventually run a Firefly themed D&D game, one of the girls desperately wanted to join and we spent the rest of time before my class discussing a certain character we both love and we both own the DVD set of Firefly. It was a lot of fun and I have learned that no matter what your age or why you are still you're college at that age, no matter what nerds are friendly and we will always accept fellow nerds in our group. :-)

Anyways, now for the poetry part of this double entry. This is an older poem of mine, written in college as part of a free write exercise. It is simply called "Babble"

I listen to the echoes of the falling rain,
light my candle and think of him again.
I am tired of this endless chase,
I am sick of satin and lace.
Lost in a mound of dirt,
hidden in a world of hurt.
Push my hair behind my ears,
looking back on the haunted years.
I listen to Ani on my headphones,
sitting amongst the gravel and stones.
I am asleep at the wheel,
I am staying with this deal.
Rambling words across your skin,
shaking beneath my grin.
I am listening to the silence of the night,
smoke curls around and floats towards the light.

Kind of dark, I know. But this was written during my moody, college years. Any ways, I have a photo picked out for tomorrow. Have a good one.


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