Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten Things to do in 20-10

Alright it is time again for Top Ten Tuesday. Today's topic (hehe alliteration) is about the top ten things I want to really focus on for the new year. So without further ado, here is my Ten Things to do in 20-10.

10) Learn how to take better pictures.
I love my camera, but I really want to improve my photo taking skills. I am pretty good at nature and people pictures, but my macro shots need improving. I would also like to learn more about my camera's special features and how to use them to my advantage. To entertain my readers, I am including a picture of a friend's 6.5 month little girl.

9) Take one "fun" class
This goal goes along with number 10. I really want to take a fun course, maybe a weekend type deal. I would like to learn more about Photoshop, how to use the different features. Or even take a watercolor course or maybe do some pottery. Some class that does not have to do with my masters degree. Something just for me.

8) Eat Healthier
Hubby and I both have the bad habit of snacking too much on unhealthy things like chips & salsa or crackers & cheese. I really need to work on eating more fruits and veggies. Something we both need to do is make and eat healthier meals. This will help with my cholesterol issue and his weight.

7) Work Out More
This follows along the same lines of number 8. I lost ten pounds before my wedding in June, gained back seven, and some how over the holidays lost three pounds. I want to get back to my wedding weight and tone my muscles. I want to prepare for summer a.k.a bathing suit season. We have an elicitation and I have one month free at a gym, I just need to do it.

6) Write/Blog more
I really like the story I am working on and want to dedicate more time and effort to it. I also want to post here more often. I am thinking of doing a list/general entry each Monday, writing entry each Wednesday, and a photo Friday. That way at least I am posting three times a week.

5) Do One Fun Thing...
with hubby. We hardly go on a "date" any more...do to time restrictions/money restrictions. I figure even if it is just going to a movie, we could do something just the two of us every other week or something.

4) Have People Over More
Even if it is just one couple, I would like to see my friends more often. Another friend of mine had a great idea of inviting two other couples over for a potluck dinner/game night. The host would make the main course and the other couples could bring appetizers and desserts. I am thinking of doing this sometime in Feb.

3) Study, Study, Study
Sadly I did not pass my Foundations of Reading MTEL. I have the General Curriculum one approaching in March. I have mostly studied here and there, but don't really have a set schedule. I need to study more to pass this one, and then start re-studying for the reading MTEL. I hope to have all the test passed by the summer.

2) Be Generous/Volunteer
I wish I had more money/stuff so I could donate to those in need. Instead I am thinking for looking for volunteer opportunities in the spring/summer. My parents always taught me to help those in need and I want to improve my karma, so to speak. Even if it is something small, like helping at a local nursing home or pet shelter, it would help me feel like I am making a small difference in the world.

I am sick of being unemployed. I am a creative person, hard working, organized, and good with children. I have several opportunities at my feet for a full time position. Most schools just got back from winter vacation, so I am hoping to here something soon. If not, I will try a different avenue; like working in an office or something to that affect, while still working at my masters/licenses. Come Feb. I am going to start looking for summer jobs at schools/camps so I can have more education/academic experience on my resume. I am really hoping I find something soon. Else I am not sure what I will do....

Okay that was a long entry...so here is another cute baby picture.

She is such a cutie. Good luck in the new year.

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  1. Hi Becca,
    This is a great blog! It is so smart to write your goals down at the start of the year! One thing we do that pertains to #8 and #5 is we have a date night "in." We pick out some recipes that are a little special and definitely healthy and affordable and spend the evening cooking together and then enjoying some restaurant-quality food. For us it means we save on babysitting too...

    Good luck with all of this and keep us in mind for #4. We will do the same!