Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I have already broken my resolution to write/blog more. I was going to do a general entry on Monday, but I was busy driving around the state, trying to get my retirement/unemployment problems sorted of. So...sorry. Anyways, since today is Wednesday, I decided to share some of my older poems. I have sort of hit a wall in the "Fate" story. I need a day to brainstorm and plot out what happens next. I am going to include some pictures that seem to fit with these two poems.

The first poem is titled "Petals from my Mind". It is about my passion for writing.

Petals from my mind,
drift across the empty page.
Thoughts turn into ink,
dancing in the moonlight.
My muse whispers in my ear,
telling me what to write.
Love,happiness, experience, and hope,
they are themes of my verse.
Love rules my heart,
Happiness makes me kind,
Experience makes me wise,
Hope keeps me young.
Petals from my mind,
frozen on the page.
Ink that holds thoughts forever,
as the dance sadly ends.

The second poem is called "A Rose". I wrote this at 2am on night, not long after finishing Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series. For those who have never read the series, just read "The Gunslinger".

A single blood red rose
Its ruby lips caressing a liquid sky
Its tear swells and falls
Shattering on the earth
Becomes the stars
Sprawled across the sky
Becomes the wind dancing
Through the treetops
Sliding down the trunks
And racing barefoot across the grass
Becomes the seed
Which sprouts and grows
Into a universe
Within a single
Blood Red

(Please note I did not take the second picture. It is from a website).
Thanks for reading my poetry.

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