Friday, December 25, 2009

Best Present EVER!

Gorram Right!
*dances around, humming the FireFly theme*

Merry Christmas All!
<3 Becca

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

O Christmas Tree

This is what happens when nerds decorate:
Our first Christmas tree, I can believe we have been married for over 6 months.

Our First Christmas ornaments. The first one was custom made by a Christmas shop and sent to us by my awesome aunt. It has our first names on the front and wedding date on back.

Presents! my mom dropped them off early, since they will be in Colorado with my brother for Christmas.

And finally, some tradition. Chinese noodle cookies! They are so simple and easy to make and always are delicious.

Hope everyone has a nice Christmas/holiday!


Monday, December 14, 2009


Try not smiling/laughing at this funny little clip...

featuring the hottest guy in the world, John Barrowman. Who according to internet rumors is the front runner for Captain America. All I can say is, please Hollywood, if you have any sense of sanity left...cast John Barrowman as Captain America!

For those who have no idea who John Barrowman Torchwood on BBC.
Or this clip of him singing Sunset Boulevard.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Top Ten Movies....

In honor of going to see Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" tonight... (I am so happy I have friends who are as nerdy as I am)... I present a Top Ten list of movies I really want to see in the theater. In no certain order, they are:

10) Shutter Island
Based on a Dennis Lehane book, author of "Gone Baby Gone" and "Mystic River", this movie is about U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding on the remote Shutter Island. The book was a quick, fascinating read and the cast seems to fit the roles perfectly. I can not wait to go see this movie.

9) The Lovely Bones
Another movie based on a really good, yet sad book. Directed by the one and only Peter Jackson. The preview has me hooked and I have to dig up my copy of the book to re-read before I go see it.

8) Avatar
James Cameron's latest movie. Watch the preview here:

7) Toy Story 3
This relates back to me being an extreme nerd. I love all of Pixar's movies and I can not wait to see the latest installment of one of my favorite Disney movies, Toy Story. Sadly, I have to wait until next summer. least it is in 3D

6) The Last Airbender
M. Night's newest movie is about an airbender named Ang. Who just happens to the last Avatar, master of all four elements. If anyone else is a big nerd, you recognize this premise from Nick's cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. I really, really want to see this movie. Even if it does have a guy from Twilight in it. It looks so good!

5) Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr...hurrr! Preview:

4) A Christmas Carol
I always want to see Christmas Carol movies. I love the tale and the latest movie rendered in 3D looks wicked cool. I know this movie has been out for a while but I have been busy and tonight will be the first time I have seen a movie in the theater in a long time.

3) Men Who Stare At Goats
Another movie that has been out for awhile. I may wait to Netflix this one, but it looked funny. I like most of the cast and am hoping the movie can hold up to its hilarious preview.

2) Blind Side
I love a good feel good movie and Sandra Bullock. This movie looks really touching and like a good movie to go see with my mom or best girlfriend. Lol

1) Alice in Wonderland.
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Tim Burton directing, how can you go wrong? Here is the preview:

I love Johnny Depp, I would go see that man watch paint dry...hurr!

Any ways, off to do some errands before the movie.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow

So last Saturday we had our first, real, winter snow storm here in New England. On Sunday morning, I went out with my camera and took some pretty winter wonderland shots. Today, I am going to share them with you. Enjoy!

Snowing again here today, yet it is also raining so it is not good weather for taking pictures. Hope everyone has a nice day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Five Things...

Okay so I totally stole this idea from a friend. Once a week I am going to post a Ten Things list in my blog. This week I only have five...oh well.

Five Things I should be doing....
(what can I say, I am a huge procrastinator)

5. Studying for my final MTEL test.
I am currently trying to obtain my initial teacher's license in Special Education. So far I have taken and passed the Communications and Literacy test. Two weeks ago I took the Foundations of Reading test. I will not know if I passed or failed for another month. The final test is the General Curriculum test, which I am taking in March. Studying for these test is like trying to read Ulysses (which I have). It is tedious and boring. However, starting tomorrow, I plan on studying an hour a day because I want to pass and obtain my license. Hopefully once I do so, I will have a better chance of getting a job.

4. Christmas Shopping
With both myself and my husband unemployed from our full time jobs, our budget is tight. Christmas is going to be very small this year and that makes me sad. We set a Christmas budget of $50 each. I have all his presents done (went a little over do to shipping and handling), bought something for my father in law, and that is all the shopping I have done. I still have my mother, father, mother in law, brother, and neighbors to buy for. Also we are having Friendmas again this year and I have to get something for the Yankee Swap. I hate shopping on a budget, I want to get everyone something nice. This year, I am hoping the saying "Its the thought that counts" holds true.

3. Exercising
This last June, I got married. Before I got married, I lost 10 pounds, which is a lot for me. Since the wedding, I have gained seven pounds back. Since I lost my job, I have sort of lost motivation to work out. It sucks. We have an elliptical machine in our basement and plenty of DVDs to watch while working out. I just need some motivation. My husband and I came up with an idea to collect stars for working out. For every 30 minutes you work out, you get a star. Every 20 stars the other person has to buy you a gift of your choice. So far hubby has already earned 20 stars and then some. I need to catch up. Probably tomorrow before work.

2. Take more pictures
I have been trying since this summer to use my fancy camera more. Since I got a part time job working retail, I have been taking less and less pictures. I set a goal to take at least five pictures per day and have fallen to maybe one or two (if I am lucky). I am hoping the holidays will present me with more opportunities to take and post my pictures.

1. Work on my novel
I have hit a wall with my "Fate" novel. I have written the next paragraph but need to do some research on Greek language and culture before I can move on. After I finish doing that, I am not sure where to go with the story. I need to connect the past with a present case of some sort. A case that is close to home and causes Fate to have reoccurring nightmares about what happened to her and her family long ago. A case that leads Fate to believe that Echo may not be truly dead. I am not sure where to go and would appreciate any comments/suggestions on my novel.

Okay I am off to clean the house and maybe take some pictures before hubby gets home. Hope everyone has a nice day.