Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Blog

I had to start a new blog because I kept forgetting my password for "A Beautiful World." Having a Google mail account makes blogging so much easier. Any ways....

This blog is mostly for showing off my pictures, poetry, and other creative things. Since it is November and November is National Novel Writing Month, I plan to post a novel I am working on. Each day/week/whenever I post I will try to post new material from said novel. First I am going to post a little teaser/plot synopsis. Tomorrow I will post the prologue (it needs some editing).

Basic plot synopsis:
A detective seeking justice for her long lost sister. A murder that draws the detective to seek answers in a past tragedy. A mystery set in the New Jersey/Eastern Coast area.

Okay sounds lame...but just you wait. I do not have a lot written so far...but I love the main character and the story in my head.

And just to tease you...the first sentence of Chapter One: My name is Fate.

More tomorrow.

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