Friday, November 13, 2009

Fate Ch 1, Part 1

Chapter One:

My name is Fate. Moirae “Fate” Athena Pantaris. My folks had a sick sense of humor and a strong sense of tradition, as if you could not already tell. Let me tell you a little about my folks. My mother was a large woman, with thick jet hair that always towered over her short frame. Selene Eos Pantaris was a woman that nobody messed with, not even her hot headed husband, Nikoli Apollo Pantaris. Selene, my mother, she always wanted big; big hair, big jewelry, she even had a big mouth. She had a shrill nasal voice that bored right into your skull. My mother was one tough lady; working two jobs, raising four kids, cooking an enormous Greek dinner every night, and more. Selene was a good woman with deep family traditions and a strong belief in Destiny. Maybe that is why she named me, her eldest child, after the Greek word for Fare. One can never tell.

Now my father, Nikoli, he was a different story. Bred from rock and granite, he was a towering man with pitch colored hair and deep violet eyes. He had a strong, hawk like features and tough work-hardened hands. Nikoli had a temper hot as the sun, but he also believed in fair justice. If you did something wrong, your ass would be sore for the night. I used to dread hearing those fateful words “Just wait until your father gets home.” However, my father was not a violent man, he would only raise his hand once in a great while to teach us, his children, the rules of the house. And we never broke the same rule twice. Nikoli was a hard working man, a good provider. He had a dirty sense of humor but always took us to church on Sundays. Despite their misgivings, my folks were good people right down to the core. Our house, hearts, and lives were filled with the brim; one big, fat, happy Greek family. That is until one cold, winter day when everything changed forever.

Hope you like it. I still need a title if anyone has any ideas. I would appreciate comments/suggestions as well.


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