Friday, November 20, 2009

Fate Ch 1, Part 2

It was one of those days where you just want to stay in bed. Cold, gloomy, snowing/sleeting/freezing rain. And it was early…too early for a fourteen year old girl to want to awake up and go to the doctors. But just like my name, no mortal can escape the sound of my mother’s voice vaulting through the house and knocking you out of bed like a shrill, ear seeking missile.
“MOIRAE!!!!!!” my mother screamed, pronouncing my name More-ray. I cracked one brown eye open and held my breath. “MOIRAE ATHENA, WAKE UP!”
I moaned, rolled over, mumbling rude things under my breath. Slowly, yet not wanting to incur Selene’s wrath, I sat up. Stretching, running one hand through the knot of tangles that I call hair, I yawned widely. Throwing on my ratty, worn out robe, I headed downstairs. Halfway there my ears were assaulted by a canopy of noise. My father’s harsh laugh, my mother’s shrill voice yelling at him to turn down the TV. My brothers screaming and whining about the weather. Music mixed with news mixed with the booming voices of my family. I sighed, brushing back my messy brown hair, and descended into the chaos.
Let me tell you a little about my family. They are (with one exception) the stereotypical, big boned, brunette haired, dark eyed Greeks. My father was tall, my mother short, and I fell somewhere in between. My Greek/Irish twin brother, Apollo Nikoli was thirteen, full of moodiness and defiance, just like every other thirteen year old boy. Ares Darien, the middle brother, took after my father in looks, even at eleven. And there sitting at the kitchen table, looking like a mouse in a room full of elephants was my sister, Echo. Echo Leonora was a fragile child, lithe, lean, and only nine years old. My father used to half joke that Echo was the mailman’s child, a fair haired imp in the midst of dark haired, chubby humans. She was a special child, with a heart of gold. My brothers and I tried our best to protect little Echo from the evils of Central Jersey but lately her health seemed to be failing her. Worried (yet stoic) my parents were taking Echo to the nearest emergency walk-in clinic. And as the oldest child, I was going with them.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fate Ch 1, Part 1

Chapter One:

My name is Fate. Moirae “Fate” Athena Pantaris. My folks had a sick sense of humor and a strong sense of tradition, as if you could not already tell. Let me tell you a little about my folks. My mother was a large woman, with thick jet hair that always towered over her short frame. Selene Eos Pantaris was a woman that nobody messed with, not even her hot headed husband, Nikoli Apollo Pantaris. Selene, my mother, she always wanted big; big hair, big jewelry, she even had a big mouth. She had a shrill nasal voice that bored right into your skull. My mother was one tough lady; working two jobs, raising four kids, cooking an enormous Greek dinner every night, and more. Selene was a good woman with deep family traditions and a strong belief in Destiny. Maybe that is why she named me, her eldest child, after the Greek word for Fare. One can never tell.

Now my father, Nikoli, he was a different story. Bred from rock and granite, he was a towering man with pitch colored hair and deep violet eyes. He had a strong, hawk like features and tough work-hardened hands. Nikoli had a temper hot as the sun, but he also believed in fair justice. If you did something wrong, your ass would be sore for the night. I used to dread hearing those fateful words “Just wait until your father gets home.” However, my father was not a violent man, he would only raise his hand once in a great while to teach us, his children, the rules of the house. And we never broke the same rule twice. Nikoli was a hard working man, a good provider. He had a dirty sense of humor but always took us to church on Sundays. Despite their misgivings, my folks were good people right down to the core. Our house, hearts, and lives were filled with the brim; one big, fat, happy Greek family. That is until one cold, winter day when everything changed forever.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fate Prologue

As promised, the prologue to my novel that I am working on. I need a title for this novel, so suggestions are welcome.


Kamikaze waves shattered against sharp rocks, sending sprays of green-gray water into the air. Thunder boomed, rolling, echoing across the barren wasteland. Lightening flashed, illuminating a slight, shadowed figure. The shadow perched atop a high cliff, the devil nipping at its heels. Icy cold wind howled causing the land to shiver and sway. Another flash of white and a scream pierced the night. The figure fell, tumbling like a bright flame against the black night. Falling, spinning, twisting in the air; towards darkness and death.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Blog

I had to start a new blog because I kept forgetting my password for "A Beautiful World." Having a Google mail account makes blogging so much easier. Any ways....

This blog is mostly for showing off my pictures, poetry, and other creative things. Since it is November and November is National Novel Writing Month, I plan to post a novel I am working on. Each day/week/whenever I post I will try to post new material from said novel. First I am going to post a little teaser/plot synopsis. Tomorrow I will post the prologue (it needs some editing).

Basic plot synopsis:
A detective seeking justice for her long lost sister. A murder that draws the detective to seek answers in a past tragedy. A mystery set in the New Jersey/Eastern Coast area.

Okay sounds lame...but just you wait. I do not have a lot written so far...but I love the main character and the story in my head.

And just to tease you...the first sentence of Chapter One: My name is Fate.

More tomorrow.